Company History

About Us

Pro Edge Lawn Care, began as Tony’s Lawn Care in 1999. “Tony” Szczechowski emptied his personal bank account to purchase his first truck, trailer, and equipment to perform lawn care services. While attending college full-time at The University of Toledo, Tony spent his time maintaining the lawns of over 20 properties. 

In 2004, Tony graduated from the University of Toledo and dedicated 100% of his time to the business. As a result, his company continued to grow year after year. In 2007, it was time for a change, and the company was renamed Pro Edge Lawn Care. Now located in Holland, Ohio, Pro Edge is committed to providing our customers with reliability, quality, professionalism and communication. Our corporate offices are located on Albon Road, a 14 acre facility that houses our fleet. 

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to fulfill our commitments. Our vision is to be recognized in our market as the most reliable provider in commercial landscape and winter maintenance services. 

Our Core Values

We believe in the importance of having strong core values. At Pro Edge Lawn Care we hold ourselves to the highest commercial landscaping standards.


To truly set ourselves apart from our competition, we must be reliable by: showing up on time, doing what we say we will do (every single time), working safely to ensure we get home to our family each night, and integrity (doing the right thing even when no one is watching).


We will do everything the best possible way. We are completely committed to high standards in all aspects of our business. We will: adhere to and above industry standards in the services we preform, hire and retain the best team while developing new leaders through mentorship and training, and continually research best practices.


We maintain a level of professionalism by: being confident in our demeanor, always dressing for success, and maintaining a clean fleet of trucks, trailers, and equipment.


Open lines of communication is essential with clients, team members, crew leaders, management, and our vendors.


Ability to invest in our team through training, growth, and opportunities. This allows us to compensate our team properly to provide for them and their families. It also allows for us to be efficient and be involved with and give back to our local community.

Experience The Difference

Are you looking for a commercial landscaping company with strong core values, a history of providing quality service, and a mission to fulfill their commitments? If so, request a quote today and experience the Pro Edge Lawn Care difference.