What is LandOpt?

LandOpt is a dynamic service organization that empowers Pro Edge Lawn Care and other highly qualified landscape contractors. LandOpt provides a professional system that we utilize to make sure that your project is successful. LandOpt Contractors are the “best of the best” within their market and must be firmly established, well-known, and continuously growing.

What Does "Powered by LandOpt" Mean?

Pro Edge Lawn Care is “Powered by LandOpt” which means that you are receiving service that is prompt, professional, and consistent. With extensive training and proven business practices, LandOpt helps to keep Pro Edge Lawn Care updated on the latest trends and services for your commercial property.

Pro Edge Employees Participate in the Following LandOpt Activities:

Operations Field Day

Operations field day is where all the Account Managers and Project Managers in the Land Opt Network convene at a licensee’s location for 2 days where they review the past 12 months successes, have award ceremonies for AM of the year, Rookie AM of the year, PM of the year, and Rookie PM of the year.  They also have educational sessions geared towards their roles.  They have an obstacle course with equipment and machines and team up for the competition.

Boot Camps

There are 4 boot camps each year.  Sales Rep boot camp, Account Manager boot camp, GM boot camp, and PM boot camp.  This is a 2-3 day event and divided off in to 100 and 200 level courses for each respective camp.  You may not attend 200 without previously attending 100 and you can not attend 200 the same year as 100.  The 100 series is geared towards the newbies of each role while the 200 series is for the more tenured at each role.  They days consist of power point presentations by the Land Opt team, open discussions, new Land Opt product updates, a “Plan of Action” time to discuss what each attendee plans to do in the next 12 months with the information gained that week, and social events for great networking.

Transformation Trainings

A four-day training session that provides a foundation throughout a company’s transformation.  Key topics: Transformation, Customer Relationship Process, CRM system introduction, Land Opt Roles & Responsibilities.

Continuing Education

There are 3 continuing education classes offered each calendar year with different topics.  These topics can range from new product introduction to leadership training and everything in between.