Mowing 101

Mowing 101

Spring is here, and with it comes time to enjoy the great outdoors. The best place to do that is right in your own back yard. That often requires some lawn maintenance. Whether you are the first person in your neighborhood to mow your lawn, or the one who barely keeps the lawn from becoming a jungle, we all need to put some effort into our lawns.

To keep weeds, drought, and heat from ruining your lawn, it is important to understand how short and how often to mow, as well as a few other pointers to keep in mind. In the Toledo area, our grass grows more during the cooler temperatures. It is worth our time to cut the grass often during these periods, rather than letting the grass grow too tall between mowings.

Allowing grass to grow too long becomes more work than it is worth, as extra clippings need more bagging or raking, and insects and small creatures may habitat in the grass. So keep your grass between one and three inches long, and mow accordingly. When the weather is particularly hot, such as in the months of July and August, you may want to let the grass grow a bit longer to encourage roots to grow deeper, where there is greater moisture.

The right equipment is necessary for properly maintaining your lawn. Be sure to keep your equipment in good condition by changing the oil, spark plugs and filters regularly. Keep blades sharpened and be sure to adjust the height to the best grass length. There are many good dealers in the Toledo area that sell and service mowers in a variety of sizes.

Your lawn requires 1 to 2 inches of water per week to flourish, but you can’t always count on Mother Nature to provide it. How can you tell if you need to give your lawn a little more water? If you can see your footprints in the grass when walking across your lawn, it could use more water. If you have an irrigation system, running it for as little as a few minutes per day can really benefit your grass. Water your lawn during the early morning hours when temperatures are coolest, and water is less likely to evaporate.

Most importantly, enjoy your lawn. By giving your lawn a little bit of attention, you and your family can have a beautiful, green lawn.