Softscaping is the process of using live horticultural elements to create a beautiful landscape. Softscapes add a great pop of color and depth, through the usage of flowers (such as perennials and annuals), plants, shrubs, and trees.

When designed properly softscapes can provide year round beauty for your business. Let Pro Edge Lawn Care, create a space that you, your customers, and employees can enjoy each and every season.

Flower Beds

Add color and beauty to your commercial landscaping with flower beds or potted flower displays.


Change the landscape and increase the curb appeal of your commercial property with the addition of shrubs.

Tree Additions

Create a focal point, gathering place or add privacy to your property with the addition of beautiful trees.

Annuals & Perennials

Change your softscape each year with annual flowers and plants or create a lasting perennial softscape.

Bed Maintenance

A healthy landscape require bed maintenance to keep plants growing, trimmed, and weed/debris free.

Design & Installation

Looking for a completely new design? Our team can create and install a softscape that matches your office.


Create a beautiful landscape with Pro Edge Lawn Care. We provide commercial softscapes to a variety of commercial and industrial properties in Northwest Ohio. We want you to feel comfortable with your decision to choose us for your next softscape project. Here are just some of the benefits for choosing us:

Add a pop of color to your commercial landscaping

With softscapes by Pro Edge Lawn Care your commercial facility can look beautiful year round with the addition of flowers, plants, trees, and shrubs. Get a space that your employees and customers will enjoy every year after year, season after season.