William Vaughan

Pro Edge Lawn Care worked to create a beautiful middle island entry for the William Vaughan Company, as well as, clean up the current commercial landscaping. Cleanup included edging the city sidewalks, mulching. and the removal of all unwanted debris. Now that the project is complete Pro Edge will continue to maintain the property on a bi-weekly basis.

Grounds Cleanup

Our team removed three overgrown bushes along with their root system, as well as, all previous mulch and plant material.

Trimming & Edging

The grounds were properly trimmed and edging was completed on the city sidewalks to create a stunning walkway.


Beautiful plants and flowers were installed in the middle island to create a welcoming and colorful entry.


Pro Edge Lawn Care created a mulch tree ring to provide a finished look on previously there landscaping.


Show customers that you care with a stunning entry designed by Pro Edge Lawn Care. Our team has the experience to handle your commercial landscaping project with ease.